Inside Intercom Podcast

I was invited onto the Inside Intercom podcast to talk about customer interviews. Listen to the episode here.

Startups for the Rest of Us Podcast

Mathias and I were on Microconf Founder Rob Walling‘s Startups for the Rest of Us podcast. We shared the founding story of Geocodio and talked about competing in a commodity industry. The transcript is available here.

Health Insurance Options for Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs in Virginia: A Guide

This post is a companion to the Software Social episode on Health Insurance for Bootstrappers. There’s no getting around it: health insurance is a huge hassle and expense in the US. The number #1 thing that kept us back from going full-time on our then-side project, Geocodio, was the scary part about dealing with health insurance. I had previous experience buying health insurance on behalf of an employer, and I

Software Social Podcast

After years of being a guest on other podcasts, I’m finally a podcast host myself! The premise of the podcast is following two SaaS founders: one transitioning to SaaS from consulting, Colleen Schnettler, and myself, with a more established SaaS. Every week, we each share what we’ve been working on and workshop our challenges together. You can listen to our first two episodes below: Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts

Build Better Software Podcast

Integrating customer feedback — whether it’s from interviews, usability sessions, or testing — can be tricky. Not because the methods are hard… but because of people. Many people resist new things and things that challenge their existing ways of doing things. We also talked about Jobs to Be Done and how to validate product ideas — and how to find problems when you don’t have users. I talked about how

Interview: Build Your SaaS Podcast

Talking about the reality of bootstrapping a SaaS while juggling a full-time job, marriage, and family. Listen: Build your SaaS

Interview: Bright & Early Podcast

Interview on the Bright & Early podcast about how we started Geocodio and how entrepreneurs can use customer interviews to grow their business.

Interview: Product Collective

Interview: Conquering the Glass Ceiling with Dr. Cortney Baker

In this episode of Conquering the Glass Ceiling, I sat down with Co-Founder of Geocodio, Michele Hansen. Michele and her husband created a software-as-a-service company that provides geocoding services. Michele has started many businesses and products over the years with friends and her husband. Her family has helped her throughout her entrepreneurial journey and start her current business. She has learned to figure out what customers really want and how to

Interview: Startup Pregnant

When Michele Hansen and her husband started planning for the birth of their daughter, they quickly realized that the high cost of daycare—a whopping $24K per year—was going to require an additional income stream. So, they created an app called Open Nearby as a side project. In the course of building that business, Michele and her husband uncovered a need in the market for geocoding software that translates addresses into