Inside Intercom Podcast

I was invited onto the Inside Intercom podcast to talk about customer interviews. In today’s episode, I sat down with Michele to talk about all things customer interviews – how, when and who to interview; what to do with the results; and specific tactics to get the most out of it. If you’re short on time, here are a few quick takeaways: Using customer interviews across your business saves you

Deploy Empathy

Deploy Empathy is a practical guide to interviewing customers. The book was written in public as a newsletter and is now available to order.

Michele’s Customer Research Guides

I love helping people figure out how to do customer research. But I find myself without one book to send people to help them get started and gett over that initial hump of finding people and figuring out *exactly* how to talk to them. So I’m going to start writing some more blog posts. They won’t be in a particular order, and maybe I’ll turn them into a book one

Highlighted in Adam Grant’s Book “Think Again”

Adam Grant highlighted my application to a past job in his thought-provoking new book, Think Again. The story is about how I applied to a job and acknowledged up-front that I did not meet their criteria. Adam first shared the story in this blog post in 2016, and I also joined his TED Work/Life podcast to share the story in 2018. The story was also mentioned in Forbes in 2017.

Software Social Nominated in Three Categories in SaaS Podcast Awards

Over 50 podcasts were nominated in the 2020 MicroConf SaaS Podcast Awards, and Software Social made the top 5 in three categories. See the full list here. Best Episode: “The Feelings Episode” Michele and Colleen dive into striking a balance between business, founder, and lifestyle fit, and the trade-offs of running your own business versus working for someone else. Best Hosts Best Podcast for SaaS Founders

Startups for the Rest of Us Podcast

Mathias and I were on Microconf Founder Rob Walling‘s Startups for the Rest of Us podcast. We shared the founding story of Geocodio and talked about competing in a commodity industry. The transcript is available here.

How We Bootstrapped: The Nitty Gritty

The first year of a business can be the most precarious. You don’t know if things work. You don’t know how you’ll pay for them. You don’t know how it will turn out. So it makes sense that there is intense interest on how companies got started. I get questions about this often, so I wanted to break it down — with real numbers and cents — exactly how we

Health Insurance Options for Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs: A Guide

This post is a companion to the Software Social episode on Health Insurance for Bootstrappers. There’s no getting around it: health insurance is a huge hassle and expense in the US. The number #1 thing that kept us back from going full-time on our then-side project, Geocodio, was the scary part about dealing with health insurance. I had previous experience buying health insurance on behalf of an employer, and I

Software Social Podcast

After years of being a guest on other podcasts, I’m finally a podcast host myself! The premise of the podcast is following two SaaS founders: one transitioning to SaaS from consulting, Colleen Schnettler, and myself, with a more established SaaS. Every week, we each share what we’ve been working on and workshop our challenges together. You can listen to our first two episodes below: Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts

Build Better Software Podcast

Integrating customer feedback — whether it’s from interviews, usability sessions, or testing — can be tricky. Not because the methods are hard… but because of people. Many people resist new things and things that challenge their existing ways of doing things. We also talked about Jobs to Be Done and how to validate product ideas — and how to find problems when you don’t have users. I talked about how