Build Better Software Podcast

Integrating customer feedback — whether it’s from interviews, usability sessions, or testing — can be tricky. Not because the methods are hard… but because of people. Many people resist new things and things that challenge their existing ways of doing things.

We also talked about Jobs to Be Done and how to validate product ideas — and how to find problems when you don’t have users.

I talked about how to overcome those challenges and more on the Build Better Software podcast.

Some of my favorite resources that I mentioned:

Indi Young’s Practical Empathy — I reference this book so often that I recently lost my copy of it and had to order a new one right away. It’s a must.

Amy Hoy’s Sales Safari, which shows you how to find ideas in the wild online.

Des Traynor’s “Not all good products make good businesses” — one of my most referenced blog posts. I’ve been sending it to people multiple times per week for years.