Highlighted in Adam Grant’s Book “Think Again”

Adam Grant highlighted my application to a past job in his thought-provoking new book, Think Again. The story is about how I applied to a job and acknowledged up-front that I did not meet their criteria. Adam first shared the story in this blog post in 2016, and I also joined his TED Work/Life podcast to share the story in 2018. The story was also mentioned in Forbes in 2017.

Forbes: The Shocking Cost Of Daycare Propelled This Mom To Start A Business

When Michele Hansen and her husband started planning for the birth of their daughter, they quickly realized that to afford daycare at $24,000 per year, they were going to need an additional income stream. “Day care is more expensive than state college tuition in a majority of states, including the District of Columbia, where we lived,” said Hansen.  “People are expected to come up with this chunk of money out

The Harvey Twitter Rescue Map

During Hurricane Harvey, people who were in need of rescuing started tweeting out their addresses. Mathias and I built a tool that scraped address of Twitter. There were many other groups who built maps to coordinate rescues, and we cannot say for certain whether ours led to any rescues. The tool was mentioned in the Boston Herald, ABC-7 (WJLA Washington), and my hometown newspaper, the Tri-Town Transcript.

Telegraph Clips

When I was in college, I did a summer internship for the Telegraph’s Washington bureau, writing about American politics for UK audiences. The big stories of the summer was the outing of the Russian spy ring and the BP Oil Spill. Published articles include: Russian spy applied for jobs at think tanks with links to Obama General David Petraeus collapses during Senate hearing South Carolina breaks with racist past with