Guest Post for Girl Scouts: “I Held My First Virtual Meeting and My Daisies Earned a Petal. Here’s How We Did It.”

I wrote a guest post for Girl Scouts on hosting a virtual meeting during the Covid-19 crisis.

I think we underestimate how much children pick up and how much they are capable of understanding. My co-leaders and I felt like this was an important thing to discuss with them and dovetailed nicely with the Responsible for What I Say and Do petal. The pandemic is going to be a major part of their world for the next few months, and we felt they deserved to have all the facts. It’s no different than how we’d make sure they were prepared with a compass, water, bug spray, and other necessities for a hike. The pandemic is a reality of the world now, and even young girls can be prepared…So how did we prepare our Daisies for both a virtual meeting and a discussion about coronavirus? Here’s what we did.

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